Hey! I'm Loni! 👋
I help singles build happy and successful relationships so they can find the love they deserve and move forward in their lives. 

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Utah with over 12 years of experience helping singles create secure and lasting love. I want you to be your authentic self and show you how to change the way you date so you can get the results you deserve.  

Upcoming Class Dates: 
Women Only Virtual Class 
Thursday September 7, 2023 Class is held for 4 weeks on Zoom from 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM MST 

Men Only Virtual Class 
Email Loni@thedatingcounselor.com 

I am so READY to share this course with you, Foundations for Modern Dating. I have just been BURSTING to announce this!!! What makes this one extra special is...I'm teaching it LIVE. 💕

Think building, attachment, how the opposite sex works, sorting, finding, all through the lense of current dating techniques and etiquette.

Give yourself the gift of a Successful Relationship in 2023!

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Meet Loni
Today I have been happily married for 11 years and feel so thankful for the tools I learned that helped me find a wonderful partner and be in a healthy and successful relationship. 

Now I am here to teach you.

I’ve been teaching this strategy to singles for since 2011 and I’m so happy you’re here and ready to learn how to transform your dating life and turn it into a successful part of your story!

As Seen In

The Dating Counselor

“Loni helped me realize that I was fully capable of loving someone and being loved in return. Her guidance helped me to own my journey and not be afraid of imperfections. Facing anxiety about relationships became something I felt I could handle, and it led to me being confident enough to say yes to the guy I love!”

Sarah | Lehi, UT

"Loni provides the foundational keys to successful dating 
with humor and grace. I appreciated the different 
view points of the group members. I loved knowing I wasn't alone." 

Kiley J. | Salt Lake City, UT

“Loni is everything you could ask for during your phase of dating. She has given me the tools to navigate through the obstacles of dating in addition to many areas of my life. Dating has become something I don’t overthink anymore and because of it, I now enjoy the dating process. I feel indebted to her for her listening ear and unparalleled advice which will serve me in countless areas of my life both now and in days to come.”

Melinda | Salt Lake City, UT

Is your DATING LIFE not progressing?

That was me too. I’m so glad you are here. 

I’m Loni Harmon, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I specialize in helping singles navigate the dating scene. 

At one point, I was single and living in Utah getting asked questions like, “Why aren’t you married? Is something wrong with you?” Was there something wrong with me?

When dating didn’t turn into marriage, I had to ask myself if I was missing something that other people intuitively knew. I wasn’t sure. After all, I was being asked on dates and had relationships, but I felt constantly crippled with anxiety and was afraid I would make the wrong decision and marry the wrong person. What I discovered was that my strategy for dating was outdated and didn’t help soothe my anxious brain. 
"Your relationship 
status does not 
determine your worth."
-Loni Harmon, LCSW
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